Articles Related to School


The following list of articles are all related to school. Categories include activities learning, homeschooling, and miscellaneous topics. If you don't see a topic that you are interested in, please contact me to make the suggestion.



Tackling School Lunches One Meal at a Time, 800 words

After School Programs: Good for Kids and the Community, 800 words

Think Art Doesn’t Matter? Think Again!, 700 words

Toddlers and Computers – Making the Right Connection, 770 words



Kids + Reading = Success, 600 words

Teaching Through the Wonders of Exploration, 1000 words

Great Study Skills- A Key to School Success, 465 words

Knowing Your Child’s Learning Style – a Key to Success, 560 words

Improving Your Child’s Handwriting, 980 words

Keeping Kids in School, 865 words

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten, 560 words

Understanding Toddler Speech Problems, 880 words

How to Help Your Underachiever Soar, 1000 words



Homeschool Benefits and Challenges, 560 words

Homeschooling: Here to Stay, 1200 words



How to Handle Bullying, 940 words

The Cell Phone at School Controversy, 700 words

How to Help Your Child with Moving, 670 words

Safe Surfing: Protecting Your Child Online, 550 words