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If you are vegan then you are well aware of how people assume that you must be deficient in some kind of nutrient. But chances... Read more →

Many people wonder if raising children on a plant based diet is healthy. There is plenty of research supporting that it's healthy, but even more... Read more →

I haven't shared things on here yet about my running. I also haven't shared about my smoothie breakfasts that I have most days. This week... Read more →

As a vegetarian or vegan you know that getting vitamin B12 into your diet is important. Some people take a supplement, while others find foods... Read more →

Scanning the news articles today I came across a press release that was issued by those in the dairy industry. The press release's intent is... Read more →

Got milk? Check out this information about the popular white stuff!

The last time I had a glass of cow's milk was over 17 years ago. My children, who have been vegetarian since conception, have never... Read more →

The Vegetarian Resource Group recently posted the vegan version of the new government "my plate." They have a completed handout, as well as a coloring... Read more →