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Vegan makeup by Gabriel Cosmetics - cruelty free makeup - recycling program, too!

Looking for great vegan makeup? Check out what's offered by Gabriel Cosmetics . While the only makeup I wear is lipstick, I've been wearing their... Read more →

How to promote a veg message without offending - Dr. Melanie Joy talk

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post where I explained how the vegan police, who try to shame people and nitpick every... Read more →

Last night, I was looking through the July 2017 issue of Women's Running magazine. Unfortunately, I stumbled across a page that I stared at for... Read more →

Last month we took a cruise and had a stop off at Nassau in the Bahamas. As we walked around (after dining at Senior Frogs),... Read more →

Happiness by Matthieu Ricard - Compassion for all beings

Yesterday I finished reading the book titled "A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill: Happiness" by Matthieu Ricard. I really enjoyed reading the book... Read more →

I've blogged a lot about the difference between animal rights and animal welfare. Those who are interested in the topic should get to know what... Read more →