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Vegan makeup by Gabriel Cosmetics - cruelty free makeup - recycling program, too!

Looking for great vegan makeup? Check out what's offered by Gabriel Cosmetics . While the only makeup I wear is lipstick, I've been wearing their... Read more →

For several years I have wanted to host a vegan Thanksgiving potluck. I talked about it each year, but never did it. This year I... Read more →

Consider for a moment the number of sunglasses that are used throughout the country. People routinely replace them because they lose them, break them, or... Read more →

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about the great debate that wages in the vegan world regarding honey and bee exploitation.... Read more →

Student Confronts Al Gore About Eating Meat

Post written by VegBlogger. Follow me on Twitter. We all point out the hypocrisy in Al Gore being a meat eater. After all, he won... Read more →