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Is peanut butter vegan? This is a common question people have who are new to veganism. The answer is, yes peanut butter is vegan!

It would be difficult to find a peanut butter that is not vegan. Scanning the shelves it is easy to see that every peanut butter on the shelf in the grocery store is vegan. You may find some specialty brand ones somewhere along the way that are not vegan, but by and large, peanut butter is vegan. 

The only thing your peanut butter should be made with is peanuts and salt. Take a look at the ingredient label to verify that it is only peanuts and salt (or only peanuts). Skip any peanut butter that is made with any type of added oils, sugar, etc. Those ingredients are unnecessary and make an otherwise healthy food unhealthy. If you stick with a peanut butter that is made with only peanuts or peanuts and salt then you will be getting a healthy food item. 

You can get affordable healthy peanut butter that has only peanuts and salt at Walmart, Aldi, and other grocery stores. Aldi has the most affordable option and it has clean ingredients. 



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