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How do you pronounce Utz chips and snacks?


How do you pronounce Utz Brands chips and snacks?

This is a question my husband and I have had for a while, because we like their chips. However, we were not sure how to pronounce it, so we kept calling the brand Utz, sounding like boots or shoots. Well, finally I decided to contact the company to ask them how it is pronounced. Here is the response I got back from the company during June 2024:

Good morning!

This is a great question we get asked often, how do you pronounce Utz? So we have put together a list of words that sound like Utz for you to get the idea.
That said with the strong PA Dutch history here we have heard other pronunciations, but the family pronounces it Utz (cuts). We hope this is helpful and if you have any further questions please let us know. We are happy to help!
Customer Care

I'm glad to finally put that to rest and be able to confidently pronounce the name correctly. It is the last name of the company founders, so there is a specific way it is to be pronounced, in this instance, even if it is pronounced differently in other instances. At the time, they are my chip of choice, too!

How to Pronounce Some Other Brands

On another note, this makes me think of some other times I've found out how things are pronounced. Like Daiya cheese, which is pronounced "day-ah" and not "die-ah" as some people say. Another one is Vegenaise (they make the best vegan mayo!). A lot of people pronounce it "vegan-aise," like it has the word vegan in it, which is not correct. According to the company, it is pronounced with a soft veg, like vegetarian or vegetable.

The one that really through me for a loop was Teva, the shoe brand. For a decade, my favorite shoes were Tevas. I wore their sandals nearly daily. I called them Teva, with a long E sound, like "tee-va." Then I bought a new pair one year and they literally fell apart within a couple of weeks (rare as it has never happened with any others). I called the company to see if they would replace them for me (which they did), but when they answered my call they said "Thank you for calling Teva" with a short e sound. I was like "what?!" They were my favorite shoes for a decade and I said their name to many people and all along I had been saying it incorrectly. I had the person say it to me again and confirm that it was pronounced with a short e sound, like "tev-ah." Teva, by the way, is also Hebrew for "nature." They are still my favorite shoe brand and have been for well over 25 years now. I wear them daily, for hiking, and even when I dress up some. I have numerous pair to choose from! 



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