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We live an hour from Orlando and one of the things I love about going over there are all the vegan restaurants. There are so many great options for vegans in the Orlando area! While we were looking at a car for my son and on our way to his soccer game, we decided to see what was around the area so we could get lunch. I did a quick search and found that Earthy Kitchen was just three minutes from us, so we decided to give it a try. They serve up a variety of Puerto Rican vegan dishes to choose from.

We were the only people in the diner, but it was a bit early for dinner. There were people who picked up takeout orders while we were there though. I ordered the vegan steak dish, my son ordered the vegan chicken dish, and my husband ordered the Cubano sandwich. I loved that they had some natural sodas to choose from. I rarely ever order a soda in a restaurant, but I liked that they had an agave-sweetened vanilla cream soda, so I ordered it. It was so good! 

The food came out and honestly looked a lot like home cooking. We dug in and everyone liked their dish. Then we all started sharing to get tastes of everyone else's dish, too! I liked everything I tried, as did everyone else. I don't know what kind of vegan steak they use, but it was good. I liked the flavor and texture, and loved the peppers and onions with it. The side dish of beans and rice was also tasty.

Overall, we liked this place and would go again. The food was good and so was the service.

To get more info about the restaurant and see their menu, click here.




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