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Are oysters vegan?

Are bacon bits vegan?


Question: Are bacon bits vegan?

Answer: That all depends. Some are vegan and some are not. If they are imitation bacon bits then there is a good chance they are vegan. However, if they are "real bacon" bits then they are likely not vegetarian or vegan. Imitation bacon bits uses ingredients like soy flour to create something that looks like bacon. You have to read the package to see if they are "imitation bacon" or "real bacon" bits. Some that are "imitation bacon" are vegan, but it comes down to reading and understanding the ingredients list.

Now, vegan aside, do you care about the ingredients and if they are healthy or not? Even the imitation bacon bits are usually made from unhealthy ingredients that are not a good idea to consume. This includes things like artificial dyes. Plus, if the label says "natural flavors" or "artificial flavors"  there is absolutely  no way to know the origin of those flavors without contacting the company. Your imitation bacon bits could appear to have a vegan ingredient list, but they say "natural or artificial flavors." Without contacting the company there is no way to know what those flavors are and where they came from. The flavors could have indeed come from actual pig bacon, making the product not vegetarian or vegan.

If you really want to ensure that a bacon bit is vegetarian and/or vegan, check out the ones on Amazon that say they are vegan or plant based. Without the label stating that they are you have to be a label reader and know what the words mean (i.e. artificial/natural flavors). Read labels and if you want to know the source a flavor contact the company and ask them.


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