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Review: Bio Coffee (vegan instant coffee with wheatgrass)


Truth be told, I've never liked any coffee. I've been a tea drinker my whole life and never much cared for the taste of coffee. Until now. 

A few months ago, my daughter brought home a packet of Bio Coffee for her try. I didn't realize she was making it, but when I walked into the kitchen I could smell it and it smelled good. I was immediately interested in what she had and asked if I could try a drink. I was hooked!

I immediately loved the taste of Bio Coffee, much to my surprise, because I've never liked coffee. Now, I will confess that her co-workers say that I only like it because it doesn't taste like coffee. There could be some truth to that, I don't really know, but either way, I love it!

Bio Coffee is sold in packets with each one making one serving. The company claims it is the only alkaline coffee on the market, and that "Bio Coffee is a revolutionary product that provides vitamins, minerals, nutrients, pre and probiotics and 6 grams of fiber in each cup." It's a vegan instant coffee that has creamer already added, as well as wheatgrass. Yes, wheatgrass! You can see it floating around on top once you  make it.

I've been drinking it ever since, to the tune of two cups per day (one in the morning and one in the evening). It's my latest obsession and I'm hooked! Two thumbs up for Bio Coffee! You an get it at a local health food store online. In the Daytona Beach area (where I live), you can get it at Love Whole Foods (Port Orange and Ormond Beach).


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