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Looking for a vegetarian massage therapist in the Daytona area? Here I am!

Just Breathe

I've been a writer/blogger for what will be 20 years in May 2024.  I love what I do! I really do. I intentionally have a career as a writer and blogger. You can check out my writing website here. As much as I love being a writer, I also became a massage therapist one year ago.

After being a writer, working from a home office for about 17 years, I began to feel very disconnected with the world. I spent my days at a desk, having no face-to-face communication with people outside of my house on most days. There would be days straight where I didn't go out of the house, and I felt disconnected. I wanted something I could do on a part time basis that would get me out of my chair and out of the house. I was interested in massage therapy, so I went and became a massage therapist. I finished and got my license a year ago (in February 2023). 

I have been a vegetarian (primarily vegan) going on 29 years. If you are in the Daytona Beach area and are looking to get a relaxation massage and want it to be by a vegetarian, come see me. My business is Ormond Beach Relaxation Massage, which is located in Ormond Beach (just north of Daytona Beach). You visit the website here.

If by chance you see this post and book because of it please let me know!

- Jacqueline



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