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If there is one snack we like in our house it is chips. There is something about that crunch that keeps us wanting more. But... we grapple with the fact that they are unhealthy, so we have to keep eating them to a minimum, or skip them all together. Well, until now!

This past week, we tried these chips, called Pinole Chips, made by Bob's Natural. Total game changer! These tortilla chips are vegan, and they have protein and fiber. These are tortilla chips that you do not have to feel so guilty about eating, because they have fiber and protein. They have chia seeds and other healthy ingredients. 

I really liked them, too! In all honesty, the chile lime ones were too spicy for me, but my husband loved them. I liked the BBQ ones (they tasted like Doritos), and I liked the plain ones. Very good chips!

If you are looking for some healthier vegan tortilla chips, check them out! You can visit the company website here to see where to buy them in your area.


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