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Anyone who lives in Florida is familiar with Publix. It's a Florida iconic place! Not only is it a grocery store that people in the state like, including myself, but they are also famous for their sub sandwiches, aptly called the "pub sub." Well, they have vegetarian and vegan options, too!

You can use the Publix app to place an order for a sub, which is what I recommend. Their deli counter gets ridiculously busy and you can wait a while to get a sub made. I always order it ahead of time in the app, so that when I arrive it's sitting there ready and I just grab it and go. They have a veggie sub, a black bean burger sub, falafel sub, vegetarian Philly sub, and a meatless turkey club sub. 

I have ordered the meatless turkey club sub many times now. It's a good sub! I will say that the stores are inconsistent in how they make it though. I have found that some stores do a good job making it, while others are not so good at making it. I've been disappointed several times, simply because they messed up in making it. When they make it right, it's really good!

You can get a whole or half, which a half is always enough for me. It comes on a sub roll or you can opt for something else. It's made with Unreal Deli Roasted Turkey, Chao Vegan Cheese, Lightllife Smart Bacon, Vegan Ranch dressing, etc. I could do without that brand of veggie bacon, because the ingredients are not so good. I also like it better without the ranch. I just put vinegar and oil packets on it. I also add lettuce, tomato, onion, etc. There are lots of different veggies you can choose to have added to it. 

Two thumbs up for the Publix meatless turkey club sub! When they get it right it's tasty. You will learn which locations do it right and then you can stick with ordering from that one, which is what I do. It's nice that so many options have been added that can be ordered as a sub. I have tried the vegetarian Philly one, too, but I'm not a fan.



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