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A good friend of ours, Omar (owner of Kale Cafe in Daytona Beach), has told me several times as we have sat under the tent watching our sons play soccer that I need to try black salt on tofu. He said it makes it taste like eggs. Well, I have heard him say it numerous times over the last couple of years, and finally I recently picked some up and tried it. Wow, total game changer!

I like the taste of eggs, but I don't buy them because of what they are and where they came from. I was excited when Just Egg came out and in the beginning I used it often, making things like sandwiches and omelets. I have used tofu for 27 years to make tofu scrambles and tofu salad (what some like to call eggless egg salad). The problem with the Just Egg-type products is that contain questionable ingredients, and they also changed the formula, so it didn't taste as good.

But I have never tried using black salt to give it an egg flavor. Until now...

For the last two weeks, I have been using black salt on tofu to make my breakfast sandwiches. It's so good! I take thin slices of tofu, put them in a pan with a little olive oil, and then grind some black salt over the top, as well as adding in some turmeric. I fry up both sides and then add the pieces to bread to make a sandwich or to a toasted English muffin to make a sausage muffin (this also has a veggie sausage, vegan butter, and some jelly). It's seriously delicious (thank you, Omar!).

The black salt I bought is coarse, so I grind it up. At first, I was grinding it with a spoon, but then I picked up a cheap grinder over the weekend. You will want to adjust the amount used to your taste. You can use this in making sandwiches, tofu salad, tofu scramble, etc. 

Pictured above is my morning sandwich (which I eat often for breakfast). It's the tofu with black salt turmeric on Food For Life sprouted bread, which is my favorite. It's sold in the freezer section. 

I wish I had listened to him the first time he mentioned the black salt on tofu, but I'm glad that I finally tried it out. It's really good! You can get black salt on Amazon, as well as some local health food stores. I love tofu and eat it often, so this is one more option I have. And before someone says tofu isn't healthy, please read the loads of research saying that it is healthy.



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