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Vegan acai bowls at Stoked Poke in Port Orange


My son's girlfriend recently told me about a place that she likes that she though I may like - Stoked Poke, located on the corner of Dunlawton and Ridgewood in Port Orange (next door to 7-11). I took a look at the online menu and was interested. I stopped in there twice this week, once Friday and once Saturday. You can get vegan bowls at Stoked Poke, both hot and cold bowls.

They offer both hot and cold bowls to choose from. The cold bowls come with an option of a small or large ($9 and $12), and the base can be acai, dragon fruit, or mango blend. I opted for acai both days, because I love acai. You can choose the cold bowls based off of three that are already named and have a list of things that come on it, or build your own. I opted to build my own. The first day I got acai, mango, kiwi, and banana, topped with coconut flakes, granola, almond slivers, and peanut butter. It was so good! Today, I got the same acai base, and topped it with mango, kiwi, raspberry, coconut flakes, granola, almond slivers, and peanut butter. Delicious! 

The acai bowls are so good, seriously! And the $9 bowl size is perfect. I was full both days after eating it. It's such a refreshing meal. 

I am also interested in trying the warm bowls one of these days. They are only available in the larger size. You can choose a base of rice, quinoa, etc. I would like to try the quinoa one and top it with veggies. But on these hard days I really like the refreshing nature of the acai bowls. They also have a cute little seating area in there where you can eat.

If you are looking for something different, refreshing, and delicious, give Stoked Poke a try! I really liked it a lot and I'm sure it will be one of my go-to places now. They also have a location in One Daytona located in Daytona Beach, so if you are looking for some tasty vegan food stop by and check it out.

Check out their menu here.

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