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The best vegan protein powder


Looking for the best vegan protein powder for your smoothies? So was I and I have found it!

First, you have to decide how you define "best" in order to decide which one will be the best vegan protein powder for you. Do you go by taste, cost, ingredients, or all of the above? For me, I wanted something that had clean ingredients and didn't cost an arm and a leg! I make smoothies for my son, who is an active soccer player, and I need to add some vegan protein powder to it. However, I need something affordable and not filled with bad ingredients. Far too many of them are either too costly or they contain ingredients that I don't want (such as xanthan gum, for example). Then we realized that we were just after the protein, not the extras that they add to the container. So we searched around and found it!

We now buy organic pea protein powder. It's perfect! It's much more affordable, it doesn't contain the extra ingredients we don't want or need, and it does the job of getting extra protein into this growing and active teen. We buy the unflavored one, so it's literally a two-pound bag of pure organic pea protein powder. Perfect!

I make him fruit smoothies, using a variety of frozen fruit, a banana, and then something for the base (soy milk, orange juice, or OJ mixed with water). I add in some protein powder and it doesn't change the flavor at all. He still gets all the flavor of the fruit smoothie, but he has the extra protein he needs. Simple, clean ingredients, nothing extra.

If you are looking for a way to get some more protein into your smoothies without spending a lot of money or getting powders that have ingredients you don't want or need, give vegan organic pea protein powder a try. It's working great for us!


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