Review: Simply Plant Based cookbook by Vanita Rahman
What's wrong with many plant based and vegan meat products? A lot!

Review: Daring Plant Based Chicken

Daring Daring

I've been vegetarian (primarily vegan) since 1995, which is 26.5 years now. In the last decade there has been an explosion of plant based meats that have hit the market. While we used to have a few veggie burger options when I first made the transition, today you can find just about any type of plant based meat option in the store. On the one hand it's great, because there are many options out there. On the other hand it's not so great, because they keep vegetarians and vegans from eating whole foods (such as beans, lentils, tofu, etc.).

In the last year or two, I've become picky when it comes to the ingredients in vegan and plant based meats, as well as other items. What I've found is that many plant based meats have bad ingredients in them. Most people don't seem to care when I mention it to them, but the truth is that some of these plant based meats contain ingredients that are going to damage your gut. It's sad, but true. One day I'll do a whole blog post just on those harmful ingredients. I've spent countless hours in PubMed researching the published studies to see what ingredients are doing the damage, then I check the ingredients labels on any processed foods I buy to see if they are in there. I find them in many vegan and plant based meats, sadly.

Anyway, this brings me to Daring Plant Based Chicken. When I came across this in the grocery store a few months back I read the label over, expecting to put it back on the shelf. That's what happens most of the time these days, because so many are made with bad ingredients. However, I read it over a couple of times and it looked good! This plant based meat actually had clean ingredients. I was excited!

I bought some Daring Plant Based Chicken in a couple of varieties, including the regular, cajun, breaded, and lemon and herb. Over the weeks that followed, I used them in different ways and in various dishes. Everyone liked them! I bought more of them and tried them in other dishes. Again, everything tasted great. 

If you are looking for a plant based chicken that has clean ingredients that you can have here and there, check out Daring Plant Based Chicken. It comes in several flavors, is easy to use, and tastes great. I have used it in casseroles, pastas, and by themselves. All have been tasty! While I still prefer to use whole foods in my dishes, it's nice once in a while to have something like this to add to a dish.

I'm a fan of the app called Yuka. You can use it to scan products and it will tell you if it's bad, poor, good, or excellent, based upon the ingredients. If it has bad ingredients in it they tell you what they are and what makes them bad. When I scanned Daring Plant Based Chicken last night it gave it an "excellent" rating, which made me happy. In fact, most products in my home come in as being good or excellent, because I've gotten so serious about getting those hidden toxic ingredients out of our food. 

I routinely see Daring Plant Based Chicken at Walmart, and there is often an Ibotta instant rebate app on it for $1-2 per package. You may also find it at other grocery stores. Visit the Daring company website here to learn more about what they have to offer. 


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