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When I stopped buying cow milk over 26 years ago (in 1995), I went looking for an alternative. Today, the grocery stores are literally filled with many different kinds of non-diary milk options. You can find soy, oat, rice, hemp, etc. Even within those there are many different options. Well, this all happened within the last decade. It was not like that before.

When I first started buying non-dairy milk in 1995, the only options available were only available at health food stores, and they were all shelf stable. We started buying the Edensoy brand soymilk, and we loved it. That was the one we purchased for many years. When all the other options came on the scene, including the many cold section ones out there now, we started exploring other options. I've been buying the organic Soy Silk unsweetened soymilk for years. 

Probably once a year, when we stopped into a Whole Foods Market (our closest one is an hour away, so we don't go often), I would get a couple of Edensoy for old times sake. I still preferred the taste, but stores around me just don't carry it. A year ago, I became very picky about ingredients in my food, wanting to eliminate things that cause inflammation especially. I have a list of things that I try to avoid (i.e., carrageenan, maltodextrin, titanium dioxide, etc.). I thought my Silk milk had clean ingredients, until recently. I looked it over and saw that it contains gellan gum, which is a stabilizer that I don't want to consume.

It was at that time that I made the decision that I want to go back to my original choice, Edensoy. The soymilk is my favorite! I love the taste, the ingredients are clean, and it's a great company that makes it. I stopped into Whole Foods while in Orlando and they no longer even carry it (the store has changed and went downhill since being sold). So I bought it online and will continue to do so unless someone starts carrying it around me at a comparable price. 

I love this soymilk! It reminds me of when I first made the transition to plant based milk, I love the taste, and like the company. Give it a try sometime! Don't be surprised by the color, because it's a natural color. There's nothing added in there to make it white, which is just fine with me. The company also makes flavored ones, including vanilla, chocolate, carob, etc. You can get a sampler pack of four flavors for a low price to give them a try. The vanilla one is really good, too!


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