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Red Robin Veggie Burger Review

Truth be told, until a few days ago I hadn't been to Red Robin in a couple of years. I always liked their Boca Burger, but my husband stopped liking the place, so we stopped going. Then it was just my son and I for dinner the other night and Red Robin had sent me a free burger coupon for my birthday. I suggested we go!

They no longer have the Boca Burger, but they do offer two different veggie burgers. They have the Impossible Cheeseburger (you can nix the cheese, but my son left it on), and they have a veggie burger, which is made from ancient grains and quinoa (it comes with cheese, but I left that off). Both are served with your choice of a side, and we both got fries. Their fries are so good!

I loved their veggie burger. I'm a fan of quinoa burgers to begin, and thought this was very good. Lots of flavor with the salsa and avocado on there, too. Loved it! My son loves Impossible Burgers, so he gobbled his down as well. 

Two thumbs up! We will go back again and I'm going to convince my husband to go give the veggie quinoa burger a try!

I tried to find a full list of the ingredients in their veggie quinoa burger, but couldn't. They do say that it's vegan, and they have list of bad ingredients on their site that they say are never in their foods, so I am okay with that. 


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