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Chipotle now offers plant based chorizo!

For years, they have offered sofritas, which is a plant based option that is made from tofu. I've had it many times and it's good. We saw they now offer plant based chorizo, so we decided to stop in and give it a try. 

My husband got his in a burrito. I got mine in a bowl, but I get two small tortillas on the side, so I can make me a couple of soft tacos with it. That's how I always eat the sofritas, too. 

The plant based chorizo at Chipotle is vegan and made from pea protein. It is in my bowl below, but it's kind of buried so you can't see it. So I made my little soft tacos with it and tried it on its own. 

To me, it tastes exactly like their sofritas! My husband said he felt he tasted a difference, but honestly I tasted no difference at all. To me, the plant based chorizo tastes exactly like their sofritas. 

I guess in that case it comes down to which ingredients you prefer. One is made from tofu, the other from pea protein. For me, I know that tofu is very healthy, so I'd probably just go with the sofritas next time. 

The bottom line is this: Is Chipotle plant based chorizo good? Yes, it's pretty good. But to me it's no different than the sofritas. It does give people another vegetarian option though, which is great!



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