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Over the weekend, I went to the Orlando Veg Fest (October 2021). I love to try the different kinds of food there, and sometimes have a little of the stuff I'm already familiar with. Within my first minute of arriving at the festival I spotted one of my friends, Omar, who is one of the owners of Kale Cafe (a great vegan restaurant in Daytona Beach). 

While I walked around and tried food from different vendors, I went back for seconds of the BBQ seitan at the Kale Cafe stand. It was seriously so darn good! It was the best thing I had to eat that day. Their BBQ seitan is awesome. Full of flavor and the texture is wonderful. The dish has the BBQ seitan, along with cut up peppers and onions. So good!

Don't be sad about not being able to try it at Veg Fest. They do offer it at their restaurant, too!

If you will be in the Daytona Beach area you can stop by and get some of their delicious BBQ seitan! Be sure to contact them first to see if they have it that day, as their menu changes and they don't have it daily. But do plan to stop by and check it out. It's so good!

Pictured: Me, my daughter, and Omar from Kale Cafe.



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