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I started seeing these vegan chick nuggets in the store a few months ago. I was turned off from the packaging. There's something about the packaging that just makes me not want to try it. I find it weird and I had zero interest in trying it. Well, this week my husband was in the aisle with me and saw it and he was interested. I looked in iBotta and saw that there was a rebate deal that made it a BOGO, so I went ahead and agreed to try them out.

I got a box of the regular and a box of the spicy ones. I cooked them up over the weekend and served them with some ketchup to dip them in. 

To be honest, I didn't care for the Simulate Chicken Nuggs. They are thin and to me were tasteless. They were kind of like eating little cardboard chips. They are not something I'd be interested in buying again. My husband said he liked them, and my kids were kind of indifferent. They just thought they were okay.

There's my two cents on Simulate Chicken Nuggs... 


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