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Today, my friend texted me to see if I wanted to meet up to eat somewhere in the Sanford, Florida area. I was going to be taking my son to soccer practice over that way, so I did a quick search to see what type of restaurants were in the area. Fresh Kitchen came up as an option, so I checked out their menu. It looked promising, so we made plans to meet up there.

Fresh Kitchen is a chain that has 11 locations around Florida so far. The one located in Lake Mary is about 40 minutes from my home, but only 12 minutes from where my son was playing soccer. The outside looked nice, as did the inside. It's clean, bright, and cheery. You place your order kind of like how you do at Chipotle, putting in your order and going down the line to make your ingredient selections.

Fresh Kitchen serves healthy bowls. It's a vegan friendly place, where they even label the item as "v" if it's vegan. You can choose how many items you want in your bowl, and then what types of items. I chose to have mashed cauliflower, cold tofu caprese, cold sweet potato pasta, and maple glazed sweet potatoes. There were other veggies that I wanted to try, but I didn't know how much I would be able to eat, so I'll try those next time. When it comes to the protein selection there's only one vegan option, which is the tofu. The tofu tasted great though, so that was fine with me. You can also choose a dressing to top it all with, which I got on the side.

I ended up barely putting any dressing on my bowl, because I just wanted to taste it all without it. I felt like it didn't need much dressing. The dish was great! I liked everything in my bowl. My friend had different ingredients, but she liked hers as well. 

I loved Fresh Kitchen and will certainly be back again. I hope they open more locations, including one closer to home. Two thumbs up for Fresh Kitchen!



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