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This week, while at Walmart I spotted these frozen cauliflower wings made by Rollin Greens. The ingredients looked good, so I decided to check them out. I had them for a quick and easy lunch.


When I opened the bag to put them on the baking sheet I felt duped. I mean, it looked just like frozen raw cauliflower with nothing on it. I always have a head of cauliflower on hand, so I felt like something more needed to be with this to make it worth purchasing. Turns out, it's not just frozen plain cauliflower, there is a little coating to it, but it just wasn't visible at that point. 

I baked them as directed and prepared the sauce pack that it comes with. When they were done I dug in. I liked them! They were actually really good. I like the texture of the cauliflower wing, and the dipping sauce was quite tasty, too. I ate the whole bag for my lunch, because my husband was in a hurry and didn't want to wait for the oven. He had to hit the road. 

I don't understand how the coloring in their picture is better. It makes it look like there's some kind of sauce on the cauliflower wing. Mine came out pretty white, not golden like in the picture. Even so, I would buy this again, because I do like how easy it was to make, that it came with the sauce packet, and I really liked the taste of it. I also like that these frozen cauliflower wings are vegan and have clean ingredients.

Two thumbs up for Rollin Greens Frozen Cauliflower Wings!


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