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I like quick lunches for during the week. I work at home and want to be able to make something quickly that will taste good. Today's lunch was Afia frozen falafel dipped into Mighty Sesame Co. tahini. And it was good!

It's not the first time that I have purchased the Afia frozen falafel. We've had it several times already on falafel pitas at home. They make this regular version, as well as one that is spicy. My husband likes the spicy one, while the kids and I like this version. This is sold in the freezer section at Walmart. I also recently came across this bottled tahini, which is great!

This made for a quick and easy lunch that was also healthy. Both products are vegan and have clean ingredients. If you are looking for a fast falafel, check out the Afia brand in the freezer section. And keeping this tahini on hand is going to be a staple in our house for now on.

Two thumbs up for Afia frozen falafel and Mighty Sesame Co tahini!


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