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Want to learn about how the overfishing problem is harming the planet? Watch the documentary called Seaspiracy!

This documentary is on Netflix and will give you a great inside look at the industry. I watched it as soon as it came out and was impressed at the movie. Most of what is in the movie I was already familiar with, because I had learned about those issues in other documentaries and books that I have read. But it was still interesting to watch how they put it all together and presented the information.

Is overfishing harming our oceans. Is there really such thing as dolphin safe tuna? Does the commercial fishing industry use slave labor? Is there a lot of bycatch (other animals being killed) when commercial boats set out for a specific type of fish? These and many more issues are ones that are discussed in the documentary Seaspiracy. 

Check out the movie trailer here and be sure to tune in and watch the full movie:


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