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I'm a fan of seitan (pronounced say-tan)! If you haven't had seitan you should give it a try. It's essentially "wheat meat" that is very versatile and usually tastes great. It has a meaty texture and can be used in stews, sandwiches, pasta dishes, and so much more. I always buy seitan pre-made, which means I'm very limited in my options. I have to get the 2-3 varieties being offered by the store. It also means I have to be open to whatever ingredients and flavorings they are using, which isn't always what I'm looking for. This is why I was so excited to get a copy of the cookbook called "Crafting Seitan: Creating Homemade Plant-Based Meats" by Skye Michael Conroy.

This cookbook is filled with recipes to make your own seitan. Thumb through and there are mouth-watering recipes for all kinds of things that you can make. Some of the vegan recipes to make your own plant-based meats included are:

  • shredded chikun
  • triple-dipped battered chikun
  • steak medallions, cutlets, or bites
  • classic pot roast
  • deli-style pastrami
  • porq chops or cutlets
  • schnitzel
  • pulled porq
  • sweet and smoky bacun
  • garden ham
  • holiday roast turky
  • and more!

This vegan cookbook is a keeper! It has so many delicious looking recipes. All seitan, too! Just looking through it I can't wait to give these recipes a try. Now I can make my own seitan, which is great. Check it out and see what you think! Here's a sample of one of the recipes below:



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