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Aldi Earth Grown Veggie Breakfast Patties Review


I love to make sausage muffins for breakfast. I take a toasted English muffin and then top it with vegan butter, cheese, jam, veggie sausage, and just egg. It's so good! Well, I've been trying to avoid a list of six top inflammatory ingredients that are found in food, and as it turns out my usual favorite veggie breakfast sausages contain that ingredient. I was thrilled when I saw the Aldi Earth Grown veggie breakfast patties at the store, because they don't contain that harmful ingredient.

I bought some to give them a try and they are great! They really seem a lot like the MorningStar Farms veggie sausages, but with more flavor. They are really good and will work well on my sausage muffins.

They do also make these in links, which I saw but did not buy. Next time I go back I'll be getting these and I may check the links as well. 

Note that these do have egg whites, so they are not vegan. They are vegetarian, but they have cleaner ingredients that most of others I've come across.



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