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I read a couple of years ago that Panda Express started offering some vegan options. I should say vegetarian options, because prior to this nothing there was vegetarian. They put oyster sauce in all of their dishes and state right on their website that they don't have anything vegetarian or vegan. Anyway, in 2019 it was widely reported that they started offering vegetarian/vegan options. Well, despite that claim the locations in my area of Florida have never gotten them in and told me they don't plan to carry them.

Last week, I was on vacation in Las Vegas. I saw a Panda Express and decided to see if they had the vegan options. Much to my surprise, they did! We at at the Miracle Mile location, which is at Planet Hollywood on the Strip.

The vegan/vegetarian options at Panda Express include:

  • Eggplant tofu dish
  • Chow mein
  • White and brown rice
  • Spring rolls
  • Greens dish (broccoli and cabbage)

We were excited that they did carry the vegetarian/vegan options, and decided to have lunch there one day. We opted for the family meal, which after tax was around $46 for everything. This gave us plenty of food! We had three main dishes we could choose and two large sides, as well as 12 spring rolls. It was a lot of food for the four of us. We all ate what we wanted and we had plenty of leftovers, which we packaged up, threw in a fork and napkin, and gave away the bag to the first homeless person we came across (he was happy to get it). 

We all liked the food overall. The spring rolls are just okay, they really remind me of frozen ones. So not great quality spring rolls, but they will do. I loved the eggplant tofu dish. That was my favorite dish. The chow mein and greens was also good. We would certainly go back again if we found another Panda Express location that offered the vegetarian/vegan options. 

The eggplant tofu dish, chow mein, and greens are worth trying and make for a good lunch on the run. Not all locations carry these vegetarian/vegan dishes. The ones in my area still don't, but if you are lucky enough to find a location that does, give it a try and see what you think! I look forward to the tofu eggplant dish again when I can find another location that has it.



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