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Review: Leguminati Vegan Restaurant in Orlando


Yesterday, my family had dinner at Leguminati before the USA vs. Trinidad and Tabogo soccer game in Orlando. This was the not the first time I have been to the restaurant. You can read my first review here, which was from one year ago in January 2020. I decided to do a new review and write up because they changed their menu due to the pandemic. And I like it!

While they used to have a bigger menu, they now only offer vegan crunch wraps. It's great! They have a whole page of different kinds of vegan crunch wraps you can choose from. I love this idea. 

My son ordered the crunch mac, I ordered the OG crunch, my husband ordered the buffalo crunch, and my daughter ordered the chick'n parm crunch. So we had four different crunch wraps. I got to taste my daughter's, too. 

I loved the vegan crunch wrap I got. It was tasty, I love the style as it's a hand held type of food, and it all tasted good together. Like a soft taco with a nice crunch inside. My husband loved his as well, and so did my son. My daughter just thought hers was okay, so me and my son both tried hers. I had to agree with her. It sounded great, but didn't taste great. It was cold, which it seemed like it should be warm, and it just wasn't as tasty as the others. 

The crunch wraps are served with some corn chips, but they don't have any type of salsa that you can get with it. It's kind of strange to have some corn chips, but nothing to dip them in, but okay. 

It was $47 for the four crunch wraps only, as we didn't order drinks (we had those in the car). Kind of pricey, but we still enjoyed the food. I will say that they are big and filling! My daughter and I found it to be too much food. We agreed that the next time we go there we will order one and split it. My husband and son thought the amount of food was great and both left full. 

Two thumbs up for Leguminati vegan restaurant in Orlando. We love the vegan crunch wraps and think it's awesome that it is the focus of their menu now. We love the restaurant name, too!

You can check out their site here, and see pictures below. Leguminati is in a little food court type of place. There's also a tamale place where you can get vegan tamales. We've had those at the veg fest and they are good, too. If you are going to be in Orlando and want vegan food, be sure to try a vegan crunch wrap at Leguminati! Vegan-crunch-wraps-leguminati

Vegan-crunch-wraps-leguminati Crunchwrap3



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