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Review: Farmacy Vegan Kitchen and Bakery in Tampa


While visiting the Tampa area over Thanksgiving, we decided to stop in Farmacy Vegan Kitchen and Bakery. They have two locations, and one was closing early. We were planning to take a sunset boat tour, so we wanted to eat after that. The only one left open after the tour is located inside a store at 117 N 12 Street in the Channel District. 

Farmacy has a kitchen in one area of the convenience store. When we arrived it was dark outside, which is why my pictures don't look so well. They had a picnic table outside and we ended up eating there. My husband and son both ordered the California Cuban Sandwich, my daughter had a grilled cheese sandwich, and I had the mac and cheese. I love going to a vegan restaurant, because I don't have to wonder what is in things. I can order anything off the menu! Oh, I also ordered a chocolate whoopie pie.

The man working in there that waited on us was really nice. He's the same person who brought the food out to the picnic table to us. My husband and son loved the Cuban sandwich! They both thought it was great. My daughter liked the grilled cheese, but said it was just a regular grilled cheese. Hey, she chose to order just that, because she said she wasn't very hungry. My mac and cheese was really good! I didn't end up eating it all. I bought the large size knowing I would offer for everyone else to give it a try. Everyone liked the mac and cheese. The cool thing is that it's made with such things as sunflower seeds, potatoes, carrots, etc. See the picture below of the ingredients.

Finally, it was time to eat the whoopie pie. It was so darn good! I loved it! It was so good that my husband refused to believe they make it at Farmacy. He thinks some professional bake shop makes it somewhere and drops it off there. I have no idea (I think they make them), but I will say that either way, it was lovely. Everyone tried it and everyone loved it.

Farmacy Vegan Kitchen has some great food and I'd love to go back there again when we are in the Tampa area! I would like to try the other location, because I'm hoping they have a dine-in option. This location we went to only offers take out and has a grab and go cooler. There was just one picnic table outside the store that we were able to snag.

To check out their website for their menu, location, and hours, click here.




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