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Is your floss vegan? Maybe, maybe not!


Until recently, I didn't even realize that floss could not be vegan. I had no idea there were ingredients used that would render it non-vegan. I discovered this when I was researching ingredients that cause inflammation, because I am trying to stay away from them. The floss I've used for years, Oral-B glide, contains the ingredients I'm now trying to stay away from. But you may also want to know what is in your floss. The best way to find out is to contact the company directly and ask them. 

I contacted the company to see what the ingredients are in the Oral-B pro health glide floss (pictured above). Here's the ingredient list they sent to me: 

Oral-B Pro Health Comfort Floss
Beeswax Gripability
Gum Arabic Binder
Acesulfame Sweetener
Glycerin Carrier
Water Carrier
Mint Flavor
WS 3 Coolant
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Emulsifier
PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene ) fiber Cleaning

Upon seeing this, I nixed using this floss! For years, I have tried to avoid sodium lauryl sulfate, because it can cause mouth sores (and I get them periodically). Turns out, it was in my floss, too! But, I also saw that it has beeswax, which I had no idea about it and I'm assuming many of you don't either.


Once I saw these ingredients I went looking for a new floss. I contacted the hello company to inquire about their floss with charcoal. The floss is black in color, which is different than other types and brands. They wrote me back and said : Our floss is a charcoal infused nylon floss. The ingredients are candelilla wax, peppermint oil, activated charcoal, menthol, natural mint, xylitol.

I immediately purchased the hello floss and have been using it for weeks now. I like it and I like approving of the ingredients. I'm still keeping my eye out for other options, because I don't know that nylon is the best route to go, but this gets me away from those other ingredients in the other brand.

If nothing else, this will get you thinking about what is in your floss, too! 


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