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Vegan Chorizo and Just Egg


I came across this vegan chorizo by No Evil and wanted to get it for my husband to try. He loves spicy food, so I thought he'd like to give it a try. I decided to make it with Just Egg for a weekend breakfast.

I chopped up some onion and put it in the pan with just a little olive oil and 1/3 of the package of the No Evil chorizo (I was cooking just for him, so I didn't want to make more than was needed). I sauted it to soften the onions and brown the chorizo, then I added in some Just Egg. I let that cook a bit and scrambled it up, mixing it with the chorizo and onions, and let it cook some more.

When it was all cooked I served it up and tasted it myself. I'm not big on spicy food. I like a few bites, but that's about it. I have to say that this tasted really good! I gave it to my husband and had to admit that it didn't look amazing, so I told him to keep an open mind. He dug in and was surprised. He at the whole dish and said he thought it was great. Two thumbs up!

I will certainly make this again for him. We already knew we love Just Egg, now we know he can have some vegan chorizo and Just Eggs for a spicy breakfast. Two thumbs up!

Chorizo, for those not familiar with it, is a spicy type of sausage that is used a lot in Mexican and Spanish foods. It can be used a lot of different ways, but one popular way is chorizo and eggs. Now, making a vegan version that tastes great is entirely possible. Plus, it's better for the animals and planet! 


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