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Vegetarian Cuban Sandwich

While vacationing in the Blue Ridge area this week, we stopped at Rum Cake Lady Cuban Cafe for lunch. We wanted to try the vegetarian / vegan Cuban sandwich they offer. I had researched online ahead of time and found that they offer one, so we were excited to try it.

Rum Cake Lady Cuban Cafe is a small place, but seems to do a lot of business. They were busy the whole time we were there. They only offer a small outdoor seating area, which is where we ate. The cafe has numerous vegetarian options, including an empanada, rum cake, and Cuban sandwich. You can also choose to leave the cheese off, so that it is a vegan Cuban sandwich.

We all ordered a vegetarian Cuban sandwich, and we tried the empanada and the rum cake. The cake was good, as was the empanada. Three of the four of us loved the vegetarian Cuban sandwich. It has plantains on it, as well as other veggies. There is a bit of a sweet flavor from the plantains, which was great, but what made my daughter not a big fan. I loved the sandwich. The bread was great, the mix of veggies was great, and it was just an overall really good sandwich. 

If you will be in the Blue Ridge area and want vegan or vegetarian food, be sure to try the Cuban sandwich at Rum Cake Lady Cuban Cafe. You won't regret it!

vegetarian empanada


Rum Cake Lady Cuban Cafe


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