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I love a good vegan BLT for lunch. This week, I decided to try making it with the Tofurky Treehouse Tempeh Smoky Maple Bacon. Usually, I make it with the Lightlife Fakin' Bacon or the Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon. I love both of those, but had never tried the Tofurky brand tempeh for it. 

I found the Tofurky tempeh at Whole Foods Market. I have never seen it anywhere near my house, so when I saw it there (an hour from home), I grabbed it to give it a try. I made the vegan BLT as always, with toasted bread, vegan mayo, lettuce, and tomato, and then topped it with the Tofurky tempeh bacon.

The first thing I noticed about the Tofurky tempeh bacon is that it's really skinny. The slices are skinny, which  makes it difficult for them to stay on the sandwich. They kept sliding off as we tried to eat it. Once I got over how skinny they were I could focus on the flavor. While I do like the flavor of it, I don't like it as well as the other two brands I usually use for making a vegan BLT. This one was saltier, with less flavor. We all thought it was "okay," but we prefer the other brands for the BLT. 

I'd buy this one again if the other brands were not available, but we all really prefer the other brands, so we'll likely stick to those for making our vegan BLT's.


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I became a vegetarian 10 years ago.. These days there are so many choices I love it.. Going shopping is like finding surprises.. Gonna try the Bacon..

I'm amazed at how many products have come out over the years. Sometimes it's overwhelming just to pick out a milk! ;)

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