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Love my little egg pan! Best egg pan


I will admit it - I'm loving Just Egg! I mean, I love it! Does it taste like chicken eggs (what people keep asking me)? I don't know, quite honestly. I haven't had chicken eggs in so long that I'm not sure I remember what they taste like. However, I love the taste of Just Egg. To me, it tastes like I remember eggs tasting. I never stopped eggs because I didn't like the taste. I stopped because of the inherent cruelty in the industry and the gross factor if you get them from backyard chickens in your local area.

Anyway, I love Just Egg. It's great for omelets and egg sandwiches. So I was on a mission to find a great egg pan for making the egg sandwiches.

Egg pans are sold at most places like Walmart and Target, I get that. But I wanted one that was made from better materials so that it didn't leach harmful substances into the food. I found one and I love it!

The little egg pan that I found and love is Good Living Aluminum Pan 3.5 ". This egg pan is the perfect size and materials. It's aluminum on the outside, and then ceramic on the inside. It has a rubber handle, so that it doesn't heat up. The Just Egg cooks up beautiful in this pan, without sticking when it comes time to turning it over. The pan offers a non-stick ceramic inside, so it works out great. The pan makes a perfectly round vegan egg that fits the bread just right. This is a great egg pan!

Once I found the pan I was on a mission to find a miniature spatula. Other spatulas are just too big for such a small pan. I found the mini spatula that fits the pan just right. Now I have a great set that I use to make vegan egg sandwiches. Two thumbs up!

In the picture above you will notice that I have 11 bottles of Just Egg in my fridge. Why so many? Well, iBotta had a $2 rebate on each one, and you could get up to 5 each time. Score! I bought 10 of them over a couple of days and got a $20 rebate on them. That's a great deal.


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