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This past week at the grocery store (Publix) I noticed some vegan pudding on the shelf. Perhaps it's because we are in the midst of the COVID-19 craze and most of the shelves at the store were bare. Being bare, it made the vegan pudding jump out at me. I get that the mainstream shoppers weren't interested, but since they cleared the shelf of other things I noticed it and couldn't wait to try it. We bought a couple of the dark chocolate flavor of Lakeview Farms Almondmilk Pudding.

They were so darn good! We all loved them. The pudding has a great taste, is not overly sweet, and has a great texture. It's also the perfect serving size. I love that there is some great vegan pudding available. I'm a huge dark chocolate fan, too, so this was perfect for me (although everyone in the family loved them).

The Lakeview Farms Amondmilk Pudding is sold in the cold section, near where you find the vegan yogurt. Our store only had the dark chocolate, but the company also makes vanilla bean, and chocolate vanilla swirl flavors. All three of the flavors are vegan and they come in a 4-pack. The ones I bought were on sale for $3 each.

We will buy this again for sure. It's not something I will keep in the house all of the time, because it's a treat, but we will get it from time to time for a special treat. Two thumbs up for the vegan pudding by Lakeview Farms!


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