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If I could give an award for the best Impossible Burger in the area it would have to go to Eden Fresh Cafe! 

Eden Fresh Cafe just moved into a new location in Ormond Beach. They are now at 188 E. Granada Blvd., just blocks from the beautiful beach. The restaurant used to be located a few miles west, but I like this new location much better than the other one. 

This is a family owned and run restaurant that offers a lot of vegetarian and vegan options and is 100% Kosher certified. All of the burgers on their menu are made with Impossible burger! You can get a burger that is classic burger, cheeseburger, spicy burger, and more. In addition to their Impossible burgers, they also offer daily specials made with Impossible plant based meats, including strombolis, subs, and more. 

We stopped in and had their Impossible burger, with my son adding cheese to his. We also had a vegetable stromboli. Everything was so good! Their Impossible burgers are the best, seriously. Yes, you can get them cheaper at Burger King. But those are made of a lower quality patty that was designed to meet the fast food demand. The ones at Eden Fresh Cafe are made from Impossible ground burger, which is then seasoned and hand pattied. They are filled with flavor, juicy, and delicious. They come served up on a pretzel bun with all the fixings. Delicious!

Do yourself a favor and give the Impossible burger a try at Eden Fresh Cafe. My guess is that you will think it's one of the best tasting veggie burgers you have had yet!

You can check out their menu here. They also offer salads, smoothies, daily specials, and more. Two thumbs up for Eden Fresh Cafe!

- Jacqueline


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