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Review: Reggae Shack in Gainesville

February 2020


For years, we have stopped into the Reggae Shack when we happen to be in Gainesville. They have some good Jamaican food, with plenty of vegan options to choose from. This past weekend, I wanted to get something from Karma Cream (right next door), and my husband wanted food from Reggae Shack, so we both got the food we wanted and came together to chow down. Only, I got to get a taste of the new vegan wings they are offering!

They now have vegan wings, which are seitan and are on a stick. They are not even listed on their menu yet, but you can order them. You pick the type of sauce you want (from the sauces used for their non-vegan wings, because the sauces are all vegan). The sauces you can choose from include jerk, Caribbean hot, tropi-q, spicy curry, and escoviech (see picture below with description of sauces). My husband opted for the Caribbean hot. He also ordered some rice and peas to go with it.

The vegan wings are so good! We both loved them. You have a little stick you can hold them with to eat them, and they are delicious! There were five of the vegan wings in the order, which was a enough for us. I had one and he had four with his peas and rice. They are great! Next time we go back I can't wait to try them again with the tropi-q sauce.

The Reggae Shack is not all vegan, but they do have a large selection of vegan foods on their menu. They have vegan steak, brown stew tofu, tempeh, jerk tofu, veggie mince, and more. You can even get vegan carrot cake and vegan coconut cake there. 

If you are going to be in the Gainesville area you will want to check out the Reggae Shack (and Karma Cream)! Give those yummy vegan wings a try!



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