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Review: Karma Cream in Gainesville


We make a trip to Gainesville every once in a while. It's around two hours or so from where we live, but at times we reasons to go there. We like to go to that area for camping, hiking, springs, and we like to do some of the things that you can do in Gainesville. Recently, we were in Gainesville for the weekend for a soccer tournament. One of the things I always love to do when we are there is to go to Karma Cream.

Karma Cream is awesome! While it's not all vegan, most of what they offer is vegan. They have a nice little cafe where you can grab some good food or treats and enjoy them. One of my favorite things to get there is one of their vegan shakes. I love to get the galactic mint and have it made into a shake. It's so darn good!

Karma Cream offers a variety of vegan sandwiches, treats that change daily (such as pastries), and they offer a whole case of vegan hand dipped ice cream options to choose from. You can have it by the scoop, made into a sundae, a shake, etc. It's great!

On this particular stop, my daughter and I bought ordered a sandwich, and I got my vegan mint shake, and she got a vegan brownie. Delicious! We both had the vegan Reuben. Yum!

Right next door is the Raggae Shack, which also has a lot of vegan Caribbean food options. We've eaten at both places many times. If I dine at Raggae Shack I still end up getting my shake to go afterward. On this trip, my husband got his food to go at Raggae Shack and brought it into Karma Cream, because the rest of us got food from there. Worked out great!

Two thumbs up for Karma Cream. We love the place. They have great food and treat options. Don't miss it!

Karma Cream is located at 607 W University Ave in Gainesville. There is street parking right out front of the restaurant.

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