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Blaze Pizza is a chain restaurant with locations around the country, but there are no locations in the area in which I live (Daytona Beach area). However, we were in Gainesville this past weekend for a soccer tournament. While there, I made a point to try out Blaze Pizza for lunch one day. 

When we arrived at the Blaze Pizza in Gainesville it was busy, very busy! But it seems like every restaurant we went to in Gainesville that weekend was really busy. The way Blaze Pizza is set up it's like a Subway, where you go through the line and order what you want on your pizza. Most people tend to get an individual pizza, but if you are a light eater you may want to share it and/or get a salad to go with it to share as well. There were four of us and we all got our own individual pizza, which is around $9 with the tax. Kind of pricey, but I like the way it's set up.

You can opt for vegan cheese at Blaze Pizza. Plus, they have many different types of toppings you can add, including spinach, squash, onions, peppers, olives, tomatoes, pineapple, tomatoes, and more. They even have spicy chorizo, which my husband got. It's very spicy! We got some vegan cheese on our pizzas and loaded them up with the kinds of veggies we wanted on each one of them.  Their regular dough and red sauce are also both vegan. The gluten free dough is also vegan. Their vegan cheese is soy free, for those who may have allergies.

At the end of the line you pay and then your pizza gets put into the oven. Once your pizza is ready you can chow down. The pizzas are put into a 900-degree oven that you can view. It was not long before they were ready and we could dig in. The pizzas were really good. I loved all the different toppings that were on it. I mean, I had squash on my pizza, what is not to love?! We all liked the pizza a lot and would go back again. The downside is that it's kind of expensive, but the up side is that you can choose from many different toppings to build your own custom pizza, and they offer vegan cheese as an option for no additional charge.

Two thumbs up for Blaze Pizza! We will go back again when the time presents itself and we are in the area of one.

f you want some tasty vegan pizza give it a try. You can find a list of their locations here.


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