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My kids are now 13.5 and 15.5, but when they were younger I kept a collection of special books to read to them regularly. These were books that had an animal rights message or a compassion message. We had some great books in that collection, but I was always willing to add more. Now they are older and we don't read the books for younger kids anymore. However, I still have the collection staved up, so that if/when I have grandchildren someday I can read the books to them. 

Recently, I got a few more books in the mail that I could add to my collection of animal rights books for children. These books are written by Dragana Vucic Dekic, and illustrated by Agnes Szucher. The author has a PhD in humor theory. Her books are written for young children and focus on providing an animal rights message. They are beautifully illustrated with pictures that will appeal to young children.

The Donkey Doctor shares a sweet story of a boy who rescues donkeys that were being used by tourists. The Not-So- Crazy Cow finds out that the grass is not greener on the other side (they want to eat cows on the other side!). The Pig Who Made it Big is a sweet story about a pig who ends up in comfortable house. The Turtle Who Fights for Animal Rights offers a unique look at animals seeking rights within a court of law. 

Each of the books offer animal rights lessons and show how animals are so mistreated by society. My favorite of the four books is the "The Turtle Who Fights for Animal Rights." I really liked the idea of the different animals going before the judge to share how they are being treated and why they want freedom. It's a sweet story that will make kids think.

You can find these books here on Amazon, as well as others by the author. Start growing your collection of animal rights books for children, or add to it!



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