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Lightlife plant-based burger review


Let me be up front and say that I tend to not be a big fan of these types of burgers. You know, the ones that are typically found in the meat department and look like flesh. Well, I bought these last week at Publix, simply because they were on sale BOGO, and there was an iBotta rebate for them at the same time. So I got them really cheap. 

I have noticed there is a trend in veggie burgers for them to start coming in packages that have only two burgers and they are expensive. Plus, the way they package them they have a lot of plastic waste. Anyway, packaging aside, let's get down to how they taste.

I didn't like the smell of them when I opened the package. As I cooked them up they seemed to "bleed" on top, which I thought was gross. Personally, I don't need or want my burger to look like it is bleeding. I served them up with some fries and fresh pineapple. Nobody liked them. My husband thought they had no flavor, I thought the texture was too much like meat for my brain, and my kids didn't like them at all. These burgers look and cook up like Beyond Burgers, but they don't have as much flavor. So, needless to say, we wouldn't buy these again, even if I do get them really cheap like I did this time.

Having said that, I will say that I am glad burgers like these exist and are readily available in grocery stores today. I get that I am not their target market, which is why it's sold in the meat department. Their target market are meat eaters who are willing to grab some plant based burgers for a change once in a while. The news I've read on this is that 95% of burgers like these are being sold to meat eaters. That is a great thing. Every time meat eaters reach for this instead of flesh it's a win-win-win! There is a market for burgers like these Lightlife plant-based burgers, but it's just not me.

Follow up: Read my follow up review done seven months later when I had them again!


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