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There are quite a few products by Daiya (see how it's pronounced) out today. But I'm not a fan of all of them. I have tried Daiya products that I like and that I don't like. For example, I think their vegan cheesecake is great, but I don't like their boxed mac and cheese and I'm not a big fan of their frozen pizzas (the crust tastes like the box it came in, it needs gluten!). Since they do have some products that we like, I still give them a try when I come across them.

I picked up a box of their cheese sauce packs. These can be used for making your own quick mac and cheese at home, using your own pasta (which has gluten, thank you, unlike their boxed version). One box was around $5 on sale and comes with three sauce packs. They are ready to use, and you don't need to add any ingredients to the sauce (it's like Velveeta sauce packs). The sauce pack is enough that you can make a good amount of mac and cheese with it (three people had some with one pack), just heating up the elbow macaroni and then mixing in the vegan cheese sauce pack. It's super easy, quick, and convenient. I like that idea, because it's something my daughter can do for a quick school lunch.

It's really good! We all liked the Daiya cheddar style cheese sauce pack mixed into the pasta. It was creamy, had a good taste, and tasted like macaroni and cheese (some vegan mac and cheese doesn't). Two thumbs up for the Daiya cheddar cheese sauce packs. We will buy these again for sure. While I wouldn't use it to make a home meal, it's great for the kids wanting to take a quick vegan mac and cheese in their school lunch.

On the other hand, we also bought a box of the Daiya alfredo sauce packs to try as well. Nobody liked it and we won't be buying it again (not even sure we can finish this box off, the flavor is too strong and not good). 


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