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There has been a lot of news this week of November 2019 about a vegan who is suing Burger King, because the Impossible Whopper is prepared on the same grill as the meat burgers. Here are my two cents on this...

First, is it really a vegan who is doing this? It could possibly be someone from the meat industry bringing about this lawsuit. Such a lawsuit may scare other restaurants away from adding plant based foods to their menu. In the last couple of years there is no denying that there is a veg revolution taking place, and the meat industry hates it. Meat and dairy sales are taking a big hit, as more people opt for plant based meats and milk products. 

Secondly, if this is a vegan who is doing this then I say it's a shame. I know vegans who wouldn't dream of going to Burger King to try the Impossible Whopper, and I know vegans who love it. Burger King did inform the public from the start that it was cooked on the same grill. If the person knew about the Impossible Whopper, then the likely also saw the information about how it was prepared, and that you can ask for it to be cooked separately. I wrote about that here as soon as the Impossible Whopper debuted, letting people know. Furthermore, if the person is such a strict vegan, then perhaps he should have skipped it anyway, due to the animal testing that was done on the heme in the Impossible Burger.

Research shows that 90% of the people buying these plant based burgers are meat eaters. They are not vegetarians and vegans. And the sales of them have been doing great. That is a huge win for the animals and the environment. When someone sues because it's not prepared the way they want it, that is a selfish act that will do absolutely nothing nothing to help the animals (again, not a vegan attitude). Most vegans, even if they don't want to eat the Impossible Whopper, love that so many meat eaters are buying them, because it's good for the animals.

I know vegans who won't dine at any restaurants that are not 100% vegan. I respect that. It's not something I could do, because it's too limiting, but I respect where they stand on the issue. Perhaps the person who brought the lawsuit, if he is a vegan and not someone trying to sabotage the movement, should adopt the same policy. Anywhere you go to get a veggie burger (or other vegetarian and vegan foods), you don't know how what was prepared on the grill or pan before it, or alongside of it, if it's a non-vegan restaurant.

The Impossible Whopper and other plant based options are a huge win for the animals. Whether I buy them or not, I fully support the restaurant offering them. It's great to offer information about how they are prepared, and what options there are for preparing it in a vegan manner, which is something Burger King did from the start. If this is a vegan who's lawsuit leads Burger King to do away with the Impossible Whopper, that vegan will ultimately hurt a lot of animals...


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