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Using a cast iron pan or cooker for added iron


Looking for a way to add iron to your diet? Consider using a cast iron pan, skillet, or cooker. I have been using one periodically for months and really like it. The one I bought is the pre-seasoned cast iron cooker. I was a little apprehensive to use a cast iron cooker in the beginning, because I thought it seemed difficult to take care of. However, it hasn't been difficult at all. Once I use it, I immediately wash, dry, and then add a little oil to it. It's that simple! 

Some vegetarian and vegan women suffer from low iron or anemia. Numerous people suggested that I use a cast iron pan to help get more iron into my body. I finally decided to get one, and to look into the validity of what they were saying. Here's a few things I found regarding this:

Using a cast iron pan to cook some of your meals is simple and it is a good way to get more iron into your diet! To find additional information about low iron in vegetarians and vegans and how to address it, click here.

Note: The picture above is me using my cast iron cooker to make vegan creamy pasta with peas and seitan.


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