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For a couple of years now, I usually have some Pacific Organic Seitan on hand in my pantry. I like to keep it there, so I can use it with a quick meal when I need it. About the only thing that I use it for is to put in a quinoa sauté or if I'm making a pasta dish that I want to throw it in with. 

Pacific Organic Seitan comes in a shelf stable box, so it's easy to keep on hand and not have to worry about it expiring quickly. It's easy to use and tastes good. When you open the box, it comes in one bock. I cut it up into bite size pieces to use in my quinoa or pasta dishes. You could use the Pacific Organic Seitan for stir fry dishes as well. 

Pacific Organic Seitan is made from wheat protein, red beans, and sprouted lentils. 

I'm sad to report here that it has been discontinued. I recently ran out and when I tried to order more the stores online were saying they were out of stock. I went to the company website and the product was not on their site. I contacted them to inquire about it, and they did confirm that they will no longer be making it. 

I'm sad to see this product be discontinued. We like it and have used it for a while now. I'll have to try and find a replacement product that is as good that I can use in the dishes I usually put this in.


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