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Making the Impossible Whopper Burger at Burger King Vegan

Making the Impossible Burger at Burger King Vegan

Starting on August 8, 2019, Burger King locations around the nation will begin offering the Impossible Whopper, which is the Impossible Burger patty. However, it is important to note that Burger King has said that the patty will be cooked on the same grill as the meat burgers. Meat eaters may not mind, but vegetarians and vegans will. This doesn't mean that you have to avoid eating the Impossible Whopper at Burger King. The Impossible Whopper is Burger King's version of a vegetarian Whopper.

You can get the Impossible Whopper made vegan! Here's how to order your Impossible Burger and have it be vegan:

Ask that it be cooked in the stove, rather than on the grill. This will keep it from being cooked with the meat burgers and chicken. Also, tell them no mayo. Then your Impossible Burger will be vegan. The bun at Burger King is vegan.

Burger King has 7,000 locations around the country and all of them are supposed to begin carrying the Impossible Whopper.

Here's the nutritional information for the Impossible Whopper, without mayo:


Impossible Burgers to Be Sold in Grocery Stores

Until this point, Impossible Burgers have only been available in restaurants. However, beginning on September 4, 2019, grocery stores will be able to start carrying Impossible Burgers. To read more about that, click here.

Is the Impossible Burger Safe? Many people wonder if it's healthy or safe to eat the Impossible Burger. To read more about that, click here.


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