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I have come to love acai bowls! Ever since I first tried one I have been hooked. The problem, however, is that acai bowls out at restaurants are expensive. Recently I ordered one that came with one slice of toast with almond butter on it, and it was almost $11. Ouch. That's expensive. So I set out to see if I could make them at home, which would greatly reduce the costs. I am happy to say that yes, you can make them at home! By the way, the acai packets I found are the same ones the restaurant is using.

I found a bag of 8 Sambazon acai packets at BJ's for $10. Each packet makes one acai bowl. They are frozen, so all you do is take it out to sit on the counter for a little while, or put it in a bowl of warm water for just a couple of minutes. Then I blended up with half a banana (per the package directions), and that was the base for my acai bowl. I then topped it with fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and a little granola. I estimate that the acai bowl I made at home cost me around $2.25 to make. Not bad! It tasted delicious. I loved it! I also served it up with a piece of toast with almond butter, but as I was eating the toast I felt I could have done without it just fine. 

The Sambazon acai packets are sold at a variety of stores, coming in four packs, eight packs, and 12 packs, depending on where you find them. They are organic and fair trade. Acai is a superfood that is loaded with antioxidants, and it has a great taste. It's easy to make acai bowls at home and they are great for breakfast, lunch, or if you want a light meal at anytime. The kids love them, too. My son has taken to loving acai bowls. 

Acai bowls are a great vegan meal any time of the day. They are healthy, refreshing, and good for the whole family! I'll be making them at home more often now that I have found the acai packets in the store. You could also make this and put it in a thermos container for lunches on the go.


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