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Instant Vegan Ramen Review


Looking for vegan ramen? You are in luck. Yes, it does exist!

Pictured is just one kind of vegan ramen that I buy, which is Koyo vegan organic ramen. It's super easy to prepare, taking just minutes, and it tastes good! When you want a quick and light lunch, this is something good to choose once in a while. In addition to this Koyo vegan organic ramen, there are other brands, too. There is vegan ramen made by Dr. McDougall's, Thai Kitchen, and more. 

My favorite instant vegan ramen to buy is the one pictured, the Koyo vegan organic ramen, and the Thai Kitchen garlic and vegetable ones. They are both really good. 

You should be able to find these at places like Whole Foods Market, your local health food stores, online, and sometimes at mainstream grocery stores. I've found the Thai Kitchen garlic and vegetable one at Walmart numerous times (down the gluten free aisle). 

If you are looking for a good instant vegan ramen, give these a try and see what you think. I give Koyo vegan ramen and Thai Kitchen garlic and vegetable ramen two thumbs up. I haven't tried the other brands to say whether or not they are good. You can find Koyo vegan ramen online here. You can find the Thai Kitchen garlic and vegetables ramen here.


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