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Easy Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipe

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Looking for an easy vegan cheese sauce? Try the one I make! I use this easy vegan cheese sauce for lots of things. It takes minutes to make, and it works great for dipping, making mac and cheese, nachos, chili cheese fries, and more. It takes only four ingredients to make this easy vegan cheese sauce recipe, and it tastes delicious. I always have the items on hand to be able to make it, which makes it even more handy. Give it a try and see what you think!

Easy Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipe

What you need:

  • 1 bag of your favorite vegan cheddar cheese shreds
  • 1 cup of vegetable stock/bullion (I use Better Than Bullion)
  • 1/3 cup of cashews

What you do:

Put the cashews in a blender and cover with water. Blend until smooth. Add the blended cashews, bag of cheese, and stock to a sauce pan. Turn on low heat and let it all melt together, stirring periodically to avoid it burning. Once it is all melted together it's ready. Yes, it's that easy!


You don't need to soak the cashes or use any special kinds. I've tried it numerous ways, soaking them using no salt, raw, etc. It all seems to come out the same, so I use what I have on hand. If you are going to use it for mac and cheese, this much cheese sauce can be mixed with one 16 ounce box. It works nicely with elbow, large elbow, or shell noodles. Check out my favorite vegan cheeses to see which ones I like to use with this recipe. You can also add some spice to this recipe, if you like to spice things up. Add some red pepper flakes and chopped jalepeños.

If you need an easy vegan cheese sauce you will want to give this one a try. Not only is it easy, but it tastes great. The kids love it, too! They think I make the best mac and cheese and nachos ever!


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